In May 2017 a friend on a farm asked if I wanted a cat. One of the farm cats had had babies and they were abandoned and needed homing.

So I was like YES. Of course. Haha!

So we drove through to collect one cat. There were two gingers, and one of them was TINY. A literal dot. My son decided he wanted both. So….we came home with TWO cats. Whoops.

Meet Batcat and Eggs.

My son named Batcat. I named Eggs.

Why Eggs? Because she was a tiny, little almost egg coloured fragile dot…and eggs are my fave food.

Both my new babies had lots of infections from being feral farm cats, Eggs however was the runt and had more problems due to her sheer teeniness!!! Fun fact, we initially thought she was a boy, we also assumed she was a different litter due to her size! But nope….she was a girl and she was definitely the same age as Batcat.

After a few turmoulous weeks of expensive medicines, constant care, extreme worry and daily mauling as I adminstered their meds….Batcat became a healthy, normal kitten and Eggs started to perk up. The scabs and grime in her eyes, ears, nose started to clear up after a few months.

The first 6 months of Eggsy life cost me roughly £2000 due to medications, regular check ups but also the fact she is incredibly accident prone: one example….

She was just a few months old. I was asleep. My bedroom window was ajar as it was summer. I woke up to Batcat meowing in my face, he kept running to the window and back to me until I woke up properly. Intrigued what he was doing (eggs falling out didnt Cross my mind as she was too smol to get to the windowsill) I eventually got up and looked out the window. He meowed more and more until I looked down and saw this tiny orange dot on the floor.

I sprinted downstairs to find her shaking herself off and waiting to come back in the house. Obviously very shaken and pained, I wrapped her up, felt for damage and immediately called the emergency vets because she was in pain with her ribs. So 4am on a Sunday we drive to the nearest 24/7 vet, paid the emergency call out charge and got her checked over. Fortunately she was ok, just very bruised. If it hadn’t been for batcat telling me, I’d never have known and she could have wandered off or worse. But all was OK in the end.

It was also in these first 6 months that the vet said she had mild kitty asthma. Oh eggsy. My poor sweet baby girl.

Her kitty asthma is the reason she SNURRS! She has a very mild wheeze that you can sometimes hear but it doesn’t cause her any issues except the fact she can’t run for ages…..but sometimes I wonder if its just her little legs cant run that far as opposed to her breathing issues! Hehe!

She is also a mouf breather, as is her brother. This is just a thing they both do, it is why she often has her mouf partially open in pics! Hers is exaggerated by her asthma producing the snurrs we all know and love, but her brother is also an incredibly loud purrer! Noisey gingers!

At around 8 months old she was fully grown, being the runt and suffering initially definitely stunted her growth. And she does struggle with big jumps but she doesn’t let her tiny stature bother her. Infact, sometimes she must think she’s a rottweiler as she loves to wind up dogs and big cats!!!! Lol! Brave, fearless little eggo!

I should add…she weighs a whopping 4.2lbs or 1.92kgs !!!!